We all have stories, some with happy events and some with sad. Some we remember and tell again and again, some we are desperate to forget. But sometimes even we try to tell our story, our voice becomes silence because it feels like no one is listening…

We are, a few educators from Turkey and the UK, wanted to be the voice of children of Syria and helped them to share their stories. Their story begun with a War, a war that they did not want, a war that destroyed their homes, their lives and their future. But although everything seems very uncertain their stories haven’t finished yet. We are going to take you to a small school in Payas, Hatay, Turkey in Syrian border.

We will let children to record each other’s stories and share with the world; not only what they have been through, not only what is happening in their life now but also their hopes and dreams for tomorrow. We will do this by teaching them basic filming skills using tablets. We will leave the tablets with them so that they can keep us updated as their story continues to unfold by posting their films to a dedicated Youtube channel.

If you would like to involve in this project please use the contact page to reach us.

Thank you for your support and kindness,

Project Team